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What a night! Last night me, Daniel and John S. went to Trädgårn where Benny Benassi performed. He is among the top ten best DJ’s in the world according to some magazines, and my favorite song ‘Satisfaction’ is probably the one he is most know for. In 2008 he actually won the Best Remixed Recording at the 50th Grammy Awards for his very popular remix of Public Enemy’s Bring the Noise. Not bad! Did you know that he is worth 12 million dollars (according to celebritynetworth.com). Last night I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with this mega-hit Italian DJ, as he only played very few of his known songs, and instead spent most time playing rave- a style I am not a very big fan of. When he played ‘Satisfaction’ the floor got crowded with people, but as soon as he started playing (from his latest album Rock and Rave I believe) only non-vocal two thirds of the people left. Just before we went home we noticed that there had been more people there when Johan Wedel (the warmup-DJ ) performed, and I am sure he didn’t cost as much as B.Benassi did. He had an awesome energy and I liked his style. Well, the people who made this night happen, Nattstad, did not disappoint. The venue, Trädgårn is probably one of the best venues for this kind of thing, and everything was top-notch. Thank you for the VIP guys, and for a very good night indeed (at a very affordable price!). here are some pictures from last night:

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