Aug 302010
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Yesterday I went for a run with husband in the nearby forest, where there is a running track that is quite muddy, sandy and hilly. In other words, my favorite kind! Not sure if you know, but I am a big fan of barefoot running. Had knee problems (like every human being on this planet) and have a weak ankle that I would twist every other week whenever I was using my old but fashionable jogging shoes. Since I’ve adapted to my vibrams (AKA vibram fivefingers), these shoes are like rubber gloves on your feet- mainly to prevent you from piercing trauma, I haven’t had a single problem except sore calves from time to time when I overdo it! Anyways, my husband is trying to steal the attention and recently purchased some very eye-catching light weight running shoes. I reckon my pink ‘running gloves’ still win haha. When we came back from the run we were met by a beautiful double rainbow. Are you familiar with the double rainbow on youtube? Where a guy ‘crygasms’ after seeing one? Well, it is quite a sight! I put up a video on youtube, five points to the first person to locate the video!

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