Sep 192010
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Moving away from food, diets and opening a dietitian clinic: it is bragging time! My husband’s dad just bought a new car and it is awesome! Yesterday he came by our place, and I swear you could hear the engine from a mile away. The car is a beautiful Lotus, silver-gray, polished and sparkling like a diamond. We drove around the block a couple of times, and my oh my, what a car it is! When I was young I wanted a red Ferrari (F40), when I was a teenager I wanted a yellow Hummer (after seeing pumping Iron), after this summer I wanted a red Mustang, later on I wanted a yellow Viper, and now I honestly wouldn’t mind a Lotus. I know next to nothing when it comes to cars, but you got to appreciate art- and that is exactly what these cars are. Art on wheels!

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