Nov 172010
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Hello Norway- the bus gets stopped in customs

As you might guess I am on my way to Norway. Sorry for not blogging earlier, after moving to our new apartment we have been without internet. Very annoying! We have been calling the internet provider twice a day, which is more than I call my parents. But finally, on the buss from Gothenburg to […]

Nov 132010
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New apartment, new clinic, new life

Don’t we all love a makeover? Seems to me like we do! We makeover houses, people, looks and so on. Lately I’ve felt like my life has had an extreme makeover, not from bad to good but from good to I-quite-like-it-a-lot-maybe-even-better-good. On very short notice me and Daniel, my husband, found an apartment and moved. […]

Nov 082010
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IC Kompetent Hälsa is now open for business

On Saturday I opened the clinic and I would like to thank those of you who made it to the grand opening. The day and evening was a success and four generations were at the clinic enjoying some champagne (alcohol free) and sushi. The day opening was with the family and evening with my friends, […]

Nov 022010
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Thank you to the 1542 visitors yesterday!

Usually Monday is a slow day for my blog, with peaks later during the week, but yesterday I was very pleased to see that 1542 unique visitors had visited my blog from all around the world! Thank you for the visit; it is always a pleasure to see that the material I present is appreciated.And […]