Nov 172010
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As you might guess I am on my way to Norway. Sorry for not blogging earlier, after moving to our new apartment we have been without internet. Very annoying! We have been calling the internet provider twice a day, which is more than I call my parents. But finally, on the buss from Gothenburg to Oslo I have access to the internet. I wont write much though, its a bumpy ride and I am feeling sick. Plus, I’ll be crossing the border soon and there’s no wireless once I’m in Norway (Swedish bus company). Ah. Too late. I’ll post this once I get to a cafe. We just got stopped in customs so I might be delayed half an hour depending on whether somebody has attempted to sneak something in or not. Norway is not in the EU and the rules are pretty strict as to what and how much you can bring across the border. I’ve got nada with me, but there are many idiots that don’t mind to gamble. So five cops and three dogs are currently searching the whole bus, every inch of it. Everybody has to show their ID and answer a few questions. I get of easy, Norwegian passport and little luggage. But some have to climb of the bus. OO exciting……
All good, we’re moving on.
Hello Norway.

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