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Three days later and I am back home and back at work! My To-do-list is longer than ever but my batteries are recharged and I can’t wait to get started! In less than two weeks the advanced nutrition course starts and I am looking forward to meet my new students. Here are my Christmas pictures, sorry for the three-day delay 😉 I spent Christmas with my husbands family this year and as always the food and the company was great!

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  1. I mean you are like 1 billion times so much better looking than your husband girl…tell me it’s all about the benjamins right?
    I can’t find any other reason.
    You are so gorgeous.

    • Hi John,
      thank you for the compliment. Honestly I find my husband very attractive (and so do other women may I ad) so I would have to challenge that 1 billion times of your . But, it is more than just looks, and he is one hell of a guy!- I am just fortunate that he is kind, smart AND handsome . And the benjamins, well, we use Swedish KR here, and we have moderately of them. Not poor, nor rich (yet), and even if both my parents and his parents are well of, it is due to hard work. My dad is an entrepreneur and both him and mum are engineers. Daniels parents work really hard, and I might also ad that not borrowing money, and spending wisely leaves room for more fun. This is something they wanted us to appreciate and therefore we grew up learning how to work hard (and play hard- but keep the spending down), have big dreams and to reach for the stars.
      But, to answer your question:
      My husband Daniel is the nicest human being I have ever met and he inspires me to do great things , plus keeps me sane and focused when I need that. He is also my best friend in the whole world, and we have so much fun together. Since my family reads my blog I will not give any intimate details if you know what I mean, but let’s just put like this, he makes me VERY happy in many ways

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