Feb 102011
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I would love to be able to say that we have finished unpacking (the new apartment) but sometimes things happen that changes your plans. I had somehow been hoping that that I would be able to cut my work day by some hours and get some rest and time to unpack. Nope. Did not happen and therefore also my very late blog entry. You see, a few weeks ago I got the devastating news that I probably had to move my clinic, and on Monday I got that confirmed. And with very short notice I suddenly had to find a new clinic, office and educational center for my business. The reason for the move: the landlord wishes to rent out the place to somebody in the similar trade as him, IT. This is, of course, shattering news to me. Moving your business means you will lose business, patients as well as students plus I have to order new marketing material, business cards AND update the address change at the tax office, social board, all my membership sites, my union and so on. Not to mention big changes to the website plus more. And to find a new office in three weeks while working 12 h a day is next to impossible. The whole thing is going to set back my company financially big-time. While trying to be grateful for the time I did get to rent the clinic-space I can’t help but being very upset for the reason behind the ,I guess, ‘eviction’. I’ve spent valuable client/patient-time this week trying to find a new clinic and it took me 9 phone calls to four different countries to get a salesperson to show me an Regus office in the city. Unhappy with the customer service, and the sky-rocket prices, no deal was done- and I am happy to see that the sales person at 9 pm finally could let me know that they would not drop the price to compete with close-by offices. Another office was way too small (but very kind and sweet staff), and a third had a permanent life-size Harry Potter poster in the lobby room and poor location. The last office I had a look at today, after getting drenched in the pouring rain/snow with my poor student Mia(doing her practical training at my clinic), was amazing. After all this shit I’ve had to endure for the last two weeks- I might have found my diamond. I’m too scared to let myself hope that I get this one, and my heart will stay still until I get a THE phone call tomorrow. Fingers crossed, dear readers, or this might be the end to the dietitians dream…….xox

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