Feb 142011
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Right, I’m not sure if I mentioned this a week or so ago, but I am now selling shoes at my clinic. The very special shoes are called Kameleont and are extremely soft, durable and light. The shoes are multisport shoes that can be used in the water, on land, at the gym or at home. Today me and Mia had a small photosession using a box-studio that I made to take photos of 200kcal portions of food. I’ll post the pictures tomorrow or on Wednesday as soon as they are ready. Anyways, we decided to take some photos of my pink Kameleont shoes. We wanted to show how soft and bendable they were, so we played around with them a bit until we realized that the show looks like a clam when it was bent. Thus I came up with the idea that the shoe is like a pearl for you feet: precious and one of a kind! After playing around in photoshop and getting some much needed advice from my dear friend (and pro photoshopper) KSB with my shadows-issue I finally had a result I was very happy with. What do you think? New product photos will be up next week, I have several sweet ideas hehe.

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