Mar 202011
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Body fitness in 2012-2013?

What do you think, should I give it a go? I am seriously considering entering a fitness competition… I love lifting weights and it would be fun to a have a new goal for 2012 or 2013. Hmmm… can you imagine, a dietitian up there haha! If I’m going to do it I’ll do it […]

Mar 192011
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Breakfast conference with Lennart Grebelius at 'Gothenburg for entrepreneurs'

I few days ago I attended a breakfast conference/meeting called Gothenburg for entrepreneurs with Lennart Grebelius. He is a well-known entrepreneur and he is a shareholder in companies such as Gina Trico & Scolett, owns a real-estate business and is a successful venture capitalist. He is also involved in several social firms such as Faktum […]

Mar 092011
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Do you know what day it is today? It is national registered dietitian day (in USA). Here are the top ten reasons you should see a dietitian! Make a dietitian (and yourself) happy, and make an appointment today. American Dietetic Association’s Top Ten Reasons Why Consulting with a Registered Dietitian Can Benefit You 1. You […]