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I few days ago I attended a breakfast conference/meeting called Gothenburg for entrepreneurs with Lennart Grebelius. He is a well-known entrepreneur and he is a shareholder in companies such as Gina Trico & Scolett, owns a real-estate business and is a successful venture capitalist. He is also involved in several social firms such as Faktum (a newspaper sold by the homeless so they can make an income) and the Fair Tailor.

The speech itself was quite boring to be honest, as he was shy and timid, seemed distant and not very interested in being there. He stared at the projector screen the whole time and was unable to give any clear answers when asked questions. Nonetheless, I have immense respect for him and his accomplishments and I did get inspired by his history. I have several project ideas, and this is the little kick I needed to care less about what others say and to just go for it- after all, so far so good. I love being an entrepreneur!

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