Apr 262011
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My Easter 2011

It is a late blog-update since I gave myself some time of work during Easter and I haven’t been at the office at all. Easter surprised me, and probably everybody in Gothenburg, with beautiful weather and unusually high temperatures. The weather is still awesome and right now I am having a cup of coffee as […]

Apr 182011
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Our black and white party 2011

Time for the annual Black and White party! Yup, last Saturday I and my husband held another black and white party, a birthday tradition of mine. This was the 6th party, and it was a GREAT party! I had so much fun! We barbequed and ate a luxurious dinner together, heated up some marshmallows and […]

Apr 122011
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Time to bring out those party-pants

Yesterday I finally got my new party-pants, a pair of leopard pants/tights. With the summer on its way I can finally bring out prints and colors to ad some sparkle in everyday life! I started to max out on all my leg-workouts again some time ago (1 RM 460 kg on the leg press and […]

Apr 112011
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My 3 very different running shoes

I get many questions about my running, how I run, when I run and which shoes I wear. I use three different shoes for my running, and my vibrams are definitive my favorites. I run on average four to tive times a week and I alternate between the different shoes. The reason for that is […]

Apr 052011
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Swedish National Dietetic Association conference 2011

As the title indicates that is what I have been pre-occupied with the last three days. And what a conference! Truly inspiring and very educational! The theme of the conference was the translation and implementation of the American Nutrition Care Process Model, as well as International Dietetics and Nutrition Terminology (IDNT). I feel very lucky […]