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As the title indicates that is what I have been pre-occupied with the last three days. And what a conference! Truly inspiring and very educational! The theme of the conference was the translation and implementation of the American Nutrition Care Process Model, as well as International Dietetics and Nutrition Terminology (IDNT). I feel very lucky and proud that we are the first European country to implement this as it will further improve quality of care for patients, as well as increasing the value of my profession as a registered dietitian. I’ll tell you more about this at a later point, it’s my birthday tomorrow and I want to get to bed early so I can get the most out of my day. Here are some pictures, some of me (Iris Classon- in case you forgot) with Esther Myers (PhD, RD, Director of Research and Scientific Affairs at the American Dietetic Association) and Naomi Trostler, PhD, RD (Israel). Amazing women, I hope to be just as inspiring and knowledgeable as them one day!

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  1. Trevligt! Jag är så avundsjuk! Jag hade med velat vara där men det var alldeles för långt från Umeå denna gången.

  2. Snygga bilder från en riktigt bra konferens! Æven om maten hade kunnat vara bættre førstås.. 😉

    • Usch, maten var hemsk! Men grym konferens! Sjukt sugen på att åka till Finland i Juni, men det blir nog för dyrt 😛 Skall du dit?

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