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I get many questions about my running, how I run, when I run and which shoes I wear. I use three different shoes for my running, and my vibrams are definitive my favorites. I run on average four to tive times a week and I alternate between the different shoes. The reason for that is since barefoot running requires a different technique (forefoot strike) that can wear the calves out if I run too much too soon I limit my Vibram Five Fingers runs to three times a week to give my calves some time to rest. I find that the ‘normal’ jogging shoes with the massive heel are instable and thus provides me with a good stability workout, but the weight and limited flexibility of the sole + tendency towards heel strike makes me slow, gives me sore muscles (front of leg) and I have twisted my ankle a total of five times in a year with these shoes (especially when worn whilst running in the woods or on other uneven surfaces). The shoes are also very slippery. The third pair (red and white) are actually running-track shoes. They have excellent grip and very light and flexible. I wear them when doing my speed training as well as sprint, and I prefer to wear them of asphalt or the running track. The downside of the shoes is that the thin material allows for dust and small stones to enter, and they are still not that light or provide the same feeling as the five fingers. Easier to forefoot strike with them compared to the other jogging shoes. The shoes can not be worn in rain, mud or similar. The Five Fingers are perfect for sprint, distance (once your calves are used to it) and I wear them in snow, rain, mud.. everything. Since they fit like a glove they wont let my foot move so I am in perfect control even when the material is wet. Downside is looking like a monkey (like somebody said) or running like an aboriginal – yes, that would be the forefoot striking- (like another person said),- but I take it as a compliment and the ‘shoes’ are indeed an excellent conversation starter haha!

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