May 312011
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I'm back, and back from Stockholm

It’s been awhile since I last wrote, which indicates some sort of travel. After surviving the half marathon (pictures coming up later) I decided to take a small break from work. So I’ve been in Stockholm for the weekend with my husband and another couple, Niclas and Julia. My husband Daniel and Niclas (his colleague) […]

May 202011
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Sleeping on the floor

Yup. Been some pretty long workdays lately and at some point I just had to lay down on the floor, I even had a 35 minute snooze on the floor haha. Thursday was a full-on day for me at work from 08:30 am to 00:30 am, woke up at 6:30 am today and came back […]

May 122011
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Funny food diary

I often warn my students that the food diaries you get from your clients are often less than perfect, and to interpret them is often close to impossible. To illustrate this I always keep a collection of food diaries that clients of mine have given to me for analysis purposes (with their consent of course). […]

May 092011
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23.5 K run

Yesterday, under clear blue sky and scorching sun my husband and I went for a long run to test our capacity before the big race Sunday 21st of May. We decided to run from Mölndal /Gothenburg to Kungsbacka where his parents live since I was going to work in the evening in Kungsbacka. We equipped […]

May 042011
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Just finished a photoshoot, and my body is so sore from holding all the different positions and changing clothes so many times. The pictures turned out great, and many of them will be used on the new design for this blog (as you probably noticed I have been playing around with different colors etc.). Here […]