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So it’s finally time for my 90 min run, which was supposed to be yesterday but I was feeling unwell so I didn’t want to risk anything with the half-marathon in less than three weeks. The longruns are now way over one hour, and I have to bring some fluid with me on the longer runs. This for three reasons, 1. To avoid getting dehydrated 2. To get my stomach used to having fluids in it whilst running 3. Learn to keep my pace while drinking. Of course it has to be a sportsdrink, and I have my own homemade sportsdrink with perfect osmolarity and electrolyte balance. The commercial ones are way to high in sugar and too low in salt! Here is my bottle for this run, its actually too little, but the weather today is cold, there is no sun and to many bottles is going to slow me down. The marks on the bottle indicate how much I have to drink every 10 minutes, or for every 2 songs on my MP3 player (they are all about 5 min long). My aim during the race would be 150 ml every 15- 17 minutes, as there are 12 water stations with sportdrinks, on average one every 1.7 km. I might bring a bottle of my own, I called them and they couldnt answer me what kind of sportdrinks they are offering or the osmolarity. I will email them, safest bet is to bring my own. Let’s just see how much this bottle is going to slow me down today or annoy my shoulders haha. Taste is awesome though!

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  1. This is an awsome tip! Plus, your sportsdrink looks yummy ;-D

    • Thank you Paulina,
      it is really good 🙂 The minutes makes it more fun! On sunday I am planning a 25 K run, so I will need a bigger bottle or two bottles so I can get all my minutes in hehe 😀

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