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If it’s not fat and it’s not sugar- what is it then? (Talking about the Swedish ice-cream here)
That was my question, and I decided to find out! The ice-cream is actually not sugar free as it claims, as it does contain simple sugars such as fructose (simple sugar found in fruit)and lactose (watch out if you are lactose intolerant!). It also contains two sugar substitutes, one sugar alcohol called sorbitol that can distress the bowel in large amounts and is usually found in chewing-gum. The amounts in the ice-cream are high, and if you have IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) or a sensitive stomach, then watch out! The sugaralcohol is not broken down in the small intestine and draws water, and can thus lead to diarrhea, bloating and stomach pain. The second sweetener is aspartame, often used in diet drinks and foods. Maltodextrin is a polysaccharide found in starch, often derived from corn or wheat, and very popular as a ‘gainer’ due to its blend taste with a slight sweetness to it. In Sweden a food item has to have less than fat or sugar 0.5g/100g to be fat or sugar free, and the definition of sugar does include all sugars- AKA also lactose and fructose. So, this ice-cream is clearly not sugar free with 47% of it containing sugars. So, 7 eleven is busted! The fat free and sugar free ice-cream is fat free, but half sugar!
Here is the layout:
Protein: 15%
Fat 0.5 %
Carbohydrates: 80.5% from where? Read below!
Maltodextrin 41.5% Polysaccharide often derived from corn or wheat starch
Sorbitol 33% Sugaralcohol used as a sugar substitute- can distress the bowel
Fructose 8.5% Fruitsugar, sugar found in fruit
Lactose 17% Milksugar, sugar found in milk
Other stuff:
Aspartame (artificial sweetener)
Coloring (color)
Flavoring (taste)
Stabilizers & emulsifiers (mouthfeel and keeping it all together)

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