May 092011
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Yesterday, under clear blue sky and scorching sun my husband and I went for a long run to test our capacity before the big race Sunday 21st of May. We decided to run from Mölndal /Gothenburg to Kungsbacka where his parents live since I was going to work in the evening in Kungsbacka. We equipped ourselves with 1 liter of sportsdrink each (max amount I could carry without it being a hassle), tons of sunscreen, heart-rate monitor and a small bag that could be attached to the hand that would carry some first aid equipment and mobile phones. We ran a total of 23.5 K, and it took us 2 hours and 40 minutes as we took quite a few wrong turns and had to check the map. Otherwise we keep a good running speed of 10.8 km/hour (when the road was plane) up to 12.5 km/hour (downhill). Uphill running was done at a pace of 9.2km/hour. I reckon we can go much faster during the 21 K race, and I am definitive bringing my own sportsdrink.After the race I had a bit of a headache due to dehydration (I was so dehydrated I didn’t sweat at all, and I did drink 1.3 L during the run), and wasn’t too thrilled about standing for five hours at work,- but I survived. Today I am feeling fantastic, and the first thing I did this morning when I woke up was to pamper my feet and thank them for not being sore, blistered or bruised. Gym awaits them in an hour or two, and it’s leg-day today hehe.

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