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Ever wondered how many people get injured at the gym whilst weight training? And what the most common injury is? My husband dropped (by accident) a 40 pound weight plate on his left foot from 2meter height yesterday, and that kind of made me curious. Turns out that Daniel represents the numbers quite well: Here are the numbers: Men contribute to 82% of the injuries, and as Daniel did, 65.5% of the injuries are due to dropping the weights. 90% of the injuries occurred with free weights (as with my husband). 25% of injuries were to the upper trunk, and about 20% to the lower trunk. Strains and sprains was the most common diagnosis with 46% according to this study and there where less injuries with machines (the jury is still out on this one thought). So now you know. I got to and take care of my poor husband.

  7 Responses to “My husband drops 40 pounds on his foot.Weightlifting injuries statistics.”

  1. what kind of foot wear was he wearing?

    • He was wearing some very light shoes made out of material with a rubber sole. Similar to the Vibram Five Fingers, but without the toes. How come?

  2. well, i typically workout without shoes on and people tell me it’s not safe. i ask them if they drop 40 pounds on their shoed foot, what will happen to them. they typically have no answer.

    • Chuck: Yeah, I agree. A little bit of material is not going to do much once that weight hits ýour toe haha. I never let my clients wear jogging shoes when doing squats, god mornings, leg presses and/or deadlifts, they got to do it barefoot as the shoes causes instability, and and these exercises it’s is very important with good ground contact.
      Why do you workout without shoes? I’m a bit of a barefooter myself 🙂

  3. Hei, hei! Er Daniels fot bedre i dag? Klem til begge to, ma’/Corina
    PS: Er på Krazy og jobber…. arrrgh!! (Blandede følelser) 🙂

    • ma’Corina: Lite bedre er den, men han kan först ta ut stingene om en uke!- Så med andre ord så kan han ikke springe neste lördag. send med bilder fra Krazy, jeg vil se hvordan det ser ut! Stor klem 🙂

  4. @iris
    i workout barefoot because that is how i was born. i have worked out naked too but got some odd looks.

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