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I often warn my students that the food diaries you get from your clients are often less than perfect, and to interpret them is often close to impossible. To illustrate this I always keep a collection of food diaries that clients of mine have given to me for analysis purposes (with their consent of course). But so far this one is my very favorite. I told my husband to keep a food diary, and when he ran out of printed food diary paper I told him to just ‘grab something to write on’. I should have known I had to give more instructions, because when I came home this was waiting for me:After a rather quick food intake interview it was revealed that he had eaten that day (more than just milk, coffee and a mega marshmallow) but hadn’t written it down as ‘since you cooked the food then you know what’s there’ . So, note to self: always give very detailed instructions, every single time, and never let them make their own template. The marshmallow weighed 30 g by the way, and was truly gigantic in size.

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