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I was going to run yesterday, but I was so sick! I threw up from morning to night and could only eat two slices of bread at 2 am. I did feel quite drained when I woke up, but I had no temperature and I did manage to hold down some food. With the big race only being one week away it was very important for me to do four things:
1. Run with my new water-belt so I can practice taking a bottle out, drinking and putting it back without losing speed or pace. So I tested drinking uphill, downhill and flat. The water belt was most annoying when running downhill, and the least when running uphill.
2. The five first kilometers of the race is quite hilly, so I need to practice a longer hillrun to make sure I have enough local muscle endurance in my quads, hamstrings and glutes. I have done weight training- but I just have to make sure I can hold an even pace during the hill run.
3. Since there is a chance of rain on race day I have to have had at least one long run in hardcore rain, just to get a feel for it, and to test whether if will affect my pace.
4. I need to find a good GPS application on my phone so I can have somebody tell me what my pace is, time and distance.Well, here are my results:
Hill incline 10-13% (estimated) approx. 500 meters (I ran up and down)
Pulse during hill run 174 bpm or 87% of max heart rate (calculated according to the Karvonen method using measured resting heart rate of 52 bpm)
Time hill run, each lapse: 2.5 minutes
Average pace during hill run 5.3 min/km (OK,- but could be better. At least it was steady)
Weather: pouring rain
Water belt: two bottles at the back with 500 ml liquid each, worn at the hips
Time: 70 minutes not including warmup + cooldownThe best part of the run is actually seeing all the other runners giving up and running home haha, every time I was running up the hill (which led to a running track) I would meet very unhappy runners escaping the rain. It’s just water you know!

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