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Here are some pictures from the Gothenburg half marathon 2011, I have more pictures but I have to run so these ones will have to do for now. I started in the very last start group, number 19, as I bought the ticket last minute. I tried to send in my previous times on my 10K runs, but they wouldn’t accept my time from when I ran Bridge to Brisbane in Australia or some of the other runs I’ve done. The people in my group where so slow, they actually walked most of the time! It was so frustrating, because it was impossible to run when the road was narrow and they were walking.

At the water stations they would take a cup and stand completely still whilst drinking it, in the middle of the frikkin’ race track! Like, why are you signing up for a 21 K run if you aren’t going to run???? Anyways, I landed on 2 hours and 5 minutes, and sad thing was that I wasn’t even tired- I had so much more to give but it was impossible to pass people as they blocked the road completely- especially on the narrow overcross (they walked!).

At least I kept my pace steady, and I didn’t stop a single time. My pulse was a steady 165 bpm, and 180 the last 2 K (wider road so it was easier). I was very thankful I had my bottles in the water belt with me so I could drink whenever I felt like it. I got a crazy idea as I crossed the finish line. I am not tired at all. I could easily keep going. I think I will run a marathon next time. So, before 2013 I will run a marathon!

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