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Last Monday we celebrated the National Day of Sweden. In Norway we always celebrate the national day big time, and I think Norwegians are quite famous for the over-the-top celebration. In Sweden the celebration is more quiet, but it has grown bigger over the past years. Last minute I and Daniel my husband decided to have a barbeque as the weather forecast promised us 30 C and sun all day. We had about 14 of our friends turn up, some of them we hadn’t seen in a while and we were extremely happy they could come. We barbequed and ate out on the balcony/terrace (we are lucky enough to have a quite large balcony/ terrace). Later in the evening we went to the lake in the forest to have a late-night dip. It was late so only six of us went. I decided to sport my Swedish-flag-bikini since it was such a special occasion.
And as the sun went down we took a swim and just sat on the rocks afterwards drying in the warm air talking about mountain biking and USA travels.
When I went to bed that evening I had a smile on my face, you see,- life is quite good on days like this, and I bet it is only going to get better!

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