Jun 202011
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Seems like biking is my new summer-thing! For the last week I’ve been biking on average 90 minutes a day, and yesterday I biking from home to Kungsbacka and back, which is about 3 hours (64 Km ) at a good and tough pace (with a mountain bike 23 Km/H was the best I could do at a steady pace).

Once I got of the bike I was shaking and could barely stand up, so I’ll have a few days rest before I get back on the bike again. I’m fantasizing about doing a triathlon, so some sort of competition involving biking and a marathon is next on my to-do-list. I will probably need a tutor to improve my swimming as I lack the reflexes in my nose so I can’t swim with my head under water without water running up my nose and to my brain- that’s how it feels anyway! First things first, so biking is numero uno- as well as keeping my running up-to-date. I will give mountain biking a go since my husband is so fascinated by it, and since Joakim was so kind to lend me his mountain bike.

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  1. Looking good,girl,as always,i think you are doing more than great keeping up with all that training,i like it and i am sure you will achieve your goals.take care :)))

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