Jul 222011
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2011 terror attack in Norway

I was on my way to Stavanger from Gothenburg and had just passed Oslo when we heard about this on the radio. My heart stood still for days, and secretly I cried every night while trying to live life during the day. I still can’t close my eyes without seeing the horrible images in front […]

Jul 192011
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First MTB clips and shoes equals first fall

I’ve had my first MTB fall and it went something like this. 1. I buy my first pair of pedal clips and shoes (already have the pedals). You attach the clips to the shoes, and the pedals on the bike. There are different types of pedals and many mountain bikers choose to use so-called clipless […]

Jul 112011
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My first program/graphical application

I am going to laugh att this later, but right now I am very proud. This is my very first program/graphical application, and it is called Ego boost! You type in your dream job and then it tells you that you will be awesome at it. Everybody needs a confidence boost now and then, so […]