Sep 302011
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Darn you nodes (-and TreeView)

Yesterday we had about the Treeview class and nodes, and I didn’t quite get it. I was insanely frustrated as I spent several hours just staring at the code on the projector screen without really feeling that I could replicate the code- or understand. Of well, give me a few days and I will master […]

Sep 302011
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Downhill ride last night

Went for a short one-hour downhill yesterday after school, but it was getting pretty dark so we kept it short. Here is a night shoot of me on the beach with my lovely B1, full gear on. Love life, live life.

Sep 272011
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A good look for me?

What do you think, is this a good look for me? Finally purchased a new helmet- a full face one – as well as some more protection gear. I was pretty bruised up from the last ride, and I don’t want to ride without protection gear as it is a gamble. I asked at the […]

Sep 232011
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Feel-good Friday

Just came back from school, it has been a very fun and interesting day! And I am extremely excited about my studies! Programming is going really well, and the more I learn- the more I want to learn- and I am looking forward to every single lecture. I have definitive found the right thing for […]

Sep 162011
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Hello Dictionary, goodbye Hashtable

We have just learned about dictionary and lists, and I can’t wait to change all my hashtables and learn to use dictionary! I have sooo many ideas I want to squeeze into my virtual Zoo, the sky and time is the limit haha. Hope you enjoy my little one panel cartoon, I just wanted to […]

Sep 142011
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IT lunch

Today I went to the ‘It lunch’, an interesting event where people from the IT sector meet up to mingle. The lunch itself was at Avenyn Ett, a beautiful place and we were fortunate to have our lunch served in the striking ‘goldroom’. Niklas Danell (product manager Microsoft Office 365) and Henrik Garpendahl introduced and […]

Sep 142011
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Cat confidant

My husband is away on another business trip, but this time I have a cat that will keep me company. (Cat-sitting for two weeks). She is really odd, when I try to read and relax she insists on getting all my attention (otherwise she pretty much ignores me). Problem is, as soon as I pet […]

Sep 132011
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Run Iris Run! Stockholm Marathon 2012…

Yes that’s right. Next year I am going to run my first marathon! I wanted to do one this year, but with the slow recovery from my heel inflammation I decided to only do a half marathon. Well, that went pretty good and therefore I decided to run Stockholm Marathon 2012, plus a half marathon […]

Sep 112011
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Saturday dinner

Earlier today a friend of mine, Marcus (a fellow dietitian), came and visited. I cooked up some Spanish omelet, baked some whole grain scones, and served it all with warm chili and tomato soup.

Sep 102011
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Breakfast meeting: The agile roadmap

Sorry for not writing earlier, it has been hectic! Yesterday I went to an early morning breakfast meeting to learn more about agile project management, and afterwards it was straight to school. Half the class came in, even though we had no lectures, and most of us sat there until 4-5 in the afternoon. My […]

Sep 072011
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Beachvolley with the school

Self-explanatory title. I am dead tired so this blog entry will be short. Here are some photos from the beachvolley with the school yesterday. Had a good time with fun people, a lot of laughter and a lot of sweat. I really like the people in my class and I am looking forward spending the […]

Sep 042011
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Last day of summer?

I woke up late today. Last night we went to say hi to a friend of mine that was working a night shift at a camping site nearby. So when I woke up at 12 today my head was ready to burst and I had and still have a really bad migraine. But outside the […]

Sep 022011
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Iris' Awesome Zoo

Mikael, the teacher, has given us an assignment that is due tuesday. We have to code our very own Zoo, and practise on using inheritance- one of the key cornerstones of object oriented programming. Of course I will have to get comfortable with abstract classes and interface, and after a day of brainstorming and reading […]

Sep 022011
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Homemade muesli, fireplace and studying

Daniel got viciously ill yesterday while away on a day business trip. I felt so sorry for him, and I was very worried all day. He threw up all day, so for breakfast today when he was starving I made my must-have-heaven-home-made-muesli. He doesn’t get sick often, and thankfully it never lasts long either. Nonetheless […]

Sep 012011
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Day 10 640 days left: No, I honestly don’t get it. Bambi on ice

I always wondered why you only hear about the great. Honestly, few people tell about their struggles- those that do complain so much that you become deaf to their thoughts and feelings on that particular subject. But stories about the great survive. I’ve never heard about a programmer struggling. But logically everybody must have, at […]