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Being petite I always have trouble finding clothes that fit. Recently I even lost some weight due to high volume and intensity of training over the summer none of my clothes fit me anymore. It took me a whole day to try to track a pair of black trousers that would fit me, but even extra small and size 34, which are the smallest sizes you can get did not fit me. When you are petite it is even more important that clothes fit you, otherwise you end up looking like you are using your mum or dads clothes (playing dress up like we did when we were kids). So my way of getting clothes to fit has been to learn sewing so I can tailor all my clothes without the cost that usually comes with that. A little bit of time and willingness to learn, plus a lot of patience equals the perfect fit.
Here you can see some alterations:

The shirt is a size extra small from H&M, arms are too long, it doesn’t fit nice around my midsection and my waist is higher (since I am petite). At the back there is excessive material where the shoulder blades are, and the arms are too wide at the bottom.

Here you can see how I hemmed up my newly bought Mango trousers size 4/ size 34 using an ‘invisible stitch. As you can see the trousers are still way too big, so I will have to remove excessive material from the waist, bum and hips. But that’s another project!

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