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Yes that’s right. Next year I am going to run my first marathon! I wanted to do one this year, but with the slow recovery from my heel inflammation I decided to only do a half marathon. Well, that went pretty good and therefore I decided to run Stockholm Marathon 2012, plus a half marathon two weeks prior to the marathon. I am still in the recovery phase, and have had a few months off (2 months). Kept up the fitness with mountain biking though. But today as the rain whipped the streets angrily in the night, offering a grand arrival of hurricane Katia I just got this sudden rush of adrenalin.

I just HAD TO RUN. I put my clothes on, heart pounding in my chest and butterflies in the stomach. Out in the rain it felt like I was in love, the sense of freedom I feel when I run when nature offers it’s very best of its madness- well, it feels like becoming madly in love. You have to do it, see it, feel it. Can’t be without it. It’s a compulsion, an addiction. A short warm-up trying to restrain myself. It’s so hard. You just want to run, push every single muscle and bone to its limit and feel how alive you are. And full of endorphins I inhale what nature offers as my body does what it was intended to do- MOVE. The music is loud; bass beats sets the heart beats. The leaves in the trees are dancing, and the asphalt is my dance floor. I increase the pace and I am automatically hooked, there is no turning back. It’s just the start, and you know it’s going to be good run. And so I did. I ran.

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