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Yeah, here are some pictures and the video from the awesome mountain bike ride we did in Sandsjöbacka yesterday. 5 hours, (4 h and 15 min excluding stops to check the map etc) in the rain, on the mountain, in the forest and in the mud!

Quite a few happenings, I had a couple of really hard falls (and I am so bruised up!), AND my left shoe clipped stuck to the pedal so I couldn’t release the foot from the pedal! Lucky me it wasn’t when going down a hill or near sharp rocks.

We got a bit of track and we had to cross the forest before it got dark as the rain poured down. Several of the tracks were flooded, and we biked through mud, tiny rivers and puddles that were as deep 30 cm.

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  1. Very awesome…how often do you get out riding? Love the bike, how do you like it? I ride a Scott genius 50, love it….tons of trails here in Ontario, Canada.

    Have Fun!!!

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