Oct 102011
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With the end of the first programming course coming to an end and exams just around the corner I finally decided to take some time off and relax. Usually I am all go- all action, but I really felt like I needed a break this weekend to clear my mind. Me, Daniel and Niclas went to Kviberg market – a really special marketplace with an east European feel to it. They sell EVERYTHING there, and it is so surreal! We walked around, and did have a bit of a laugh too. Afterwards we went for a small field trip in the forest to check out a new place to ride downhill. It’s a bit extreme, so it will have to wait until be got more protection gear and downhill pedals and shoes. Afterwards we went and had sushi at my favorite place, and later on met up with a friend of Niclas for coffee and cake at a really cosy café. We laughed a lot, and sat there for what seemed like forever. Our new friend Björn is also studying programming so we compared our studies, and programming languages (he is studying Java). When the café kicked us out we went home, and I decided to bake for the week). In-between the baking I programmed a little, and when the night came I fell asleep on the couch with two programming books and a half eaten pizza-scone next to me. A perfect day!

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