Nov 282011
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Waking up- please leave a few pieces

Waking up- please leave a few pieces So I woke up this one morning. Might have been tomorrow or yesterday. Breathing seemed more easy and my life felt like it wasn’t on delay. I had no idea, if I had slept for an hour…. Or two… or the whole night. My mind felt well rested […]

Nov 232011
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Bodyrock morning

Started of the morning with a plyometrics workout, provided what I consider one of the most inspirational home-workouts websites, I reckon you should give this a go, it takes only twelve minutes and it sure wakes up your body! I didn’t feel to well, I feel sick, so I couldn’t go all in, but […]

Nov 222011
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Breakfast meeting with Alexander Hars

Another very inspirational breakfast meeting/seminar with Connect vest. This time Alexander Hars, the mastermind behind system OK and let’s deal inspired with his passion and achievements. What a great way to start of the day! Can hardly wait to get back home pack my things and head of to school and program 😀 Later tonight […]

Nov 212011
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Hardworking girl...

The bindingmachine stopped working today, so at 10 pm I had to bind almost 20 folders by hand. The folders are for my guests tomorrow at the moder nutrition lecture. Binding by hand with tiny sharp plastic coils hurts. Don’t try this at home!

Nov 192011
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The dietitians Friday dinner

Adding some  new recipes to my imaginary Iris Cookbook today with: Dinner: Tomato soup with beans and squash seasoned with tarragon, topped with olive crutons. Dessert: Swedish apples and pomegranate stirred with honey, ginger and coconut. Drink: orange and lemon lemonade with honey. Snack:  soy beans seasoned with garlic and seasalt.

Nov 142011
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2 h workout @ sportlife exclusive

A friend of mine, Nima, recommended sportlife exclusive – an ‘exclusive’ gym. In Denmark and Asutralia those kind of clubs are very popular, and are branded as lifestyle clubs, with spa’s, restaurants and relax-areas (massage and so on). With exercise being such a big part of my life I’ve never had any second thoughts about […]

Nov 142011
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Out for a run

Had to skip school today and work instead and prepare my upcoming lectures in November and December. I spent 9 h  Sunday programming and I’m going to spend a few more hours tonight. So,with such a compact schedule with mostly sitting down activities, exercise becomes even more important. For my physical and mental health 🙂 […]

Nov 132011
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Programming on the phone

Pretty cool I reckon, this little application. It’s called C# to go and it does actually work. I’ve used it to test smaller methods, such as the one you can see, if I’m on the bus or tram,- or anywhere where I can’t pull my laptop out.

Nov 102011
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I need a new computer

This is my second workstation. Just installed Windows 8 and Visual Studio 11 a couple of weeks ago, but this computer is too old and slow. So many parts have been changed, and only a total renovation would bring this thing back to life. Even my laptop is extremly slow. Guess what’s on my wishlist […]

Nov 092011
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My life, the last 6 months

It’s good to, once in a while, to take a break- and instead of always looking forward (if that is what you have been doing), take a look back and notice how you got to the point where you are at now. And maybe even give yourself some cred. Next weekend I am helping out […]

Nov 092011
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Design patterns: getting some guidance in the jungle

Started of the morning reading Head First Design Patterns, a well-written book that provides a very good introduction to design patterns. I mentioned briefly that we have started talking about MVVM, which is a design pattern. As Wiki puts it, design patterns are: “ general reusable solutions to a commonly occurring problem within a given […]

Nov 062011
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Breakfast for champions

And good morning world! A yummy and nutritious breakfast, egg, caviar, aioli, salad and a glass of skim milk and an apple. After a bit of a read it’s time to see some clients and work a little 🙂

Nov 052011
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Dance the night away

I truly love to dance, and last night we went to Park Lane after some nagging from me. I just HAD to go out and dance! I put on a pair of jeans (yes! I do own a pair!) and a shirt, made sure the makeup was light and the shoes comfy. I danced on […]

Nov 042011
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Friday night at the gym

Just finished a leg and an workout at the gym. Friday night is my favorite time to lift weights, all the big guys are there getting pumped up for the weekend and I always get inspired. If I need any help there are plenty to ask, and since I have no early morning obligations I […]

Nov 022011
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I haven’t written in a long long time. I’ve always loved to write and I haven’t written anything since my book in 2005. It’s insane. But sometimes it takes time, and now I feel very inspired. So here goes, my first piece of writing since ‘Snow in May’. Hope you like it. It’s quite personal, […]