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I haven’t written in a long long time. I’ve always loved to write and I haven’t written anything since my book in 2005. It’s insane. But sometimes it takes time, and now I feel very inspired. So here goes, my first piece of writing since ‘Snow in May’. Hope you like it. It’s quite personal, and I came up with it today on my way to school. I have found the last programming course to be a real personal challenge since there are a lot of things happening right now.

Here comes that little girl

Here comes that little girl again,
I’m certain that I told her not to come here anymore.
We had our time, she and I,
But at some point I had to close that door.

Here comes that little girl again,
All her insecurities unfolded for all to see.
Doubts and fears, jealousy and naivety,
Such a bad look she forces upon me.

I know I’m being a fool, pushing her aside is wrong.
Nonetheless I do my best to
Hide it
Fake it
Make it
But who knew she could be this strong?

Here comes that little girl again,
I thought she was well hidden inside of me.
I had it all figured out and planned so well
– She must have found a crack and broken free

Don’t know where I stand, but I know where she stood
So instead I push:
a little harder,
a little further,
do little murder.
And maybe then she will be gone for good.

Here comes that little girl again,
A part of me I hoped I had left behind,
Doubts and fears, jealousy and naivety,
Briefly corroding my mind.

So excuse me if I don’t seem the same
Here came that little girl again
– And she is the one to blame.

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