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It’s good to, once in a while, to take a break- and instead of always looking forward (if that is what you have been doing), take a look back and notice how you got to the point where you are at now. And maybe even give yourself some cred. Next weekend I am helping out the school with an event. The school has booked a stand at a large student and knowledge fair, the biggest in Sweden I believe, to promote their school programs and courses. They needed some students to represent them and I gladly volunteered as I am very keen on trying to get more girls interested in IT and programming, and because I really want to support my school. The thing is, as I was preparing some sales dialogs today (or call them pitches if you want) I started thinking about how I got here. Six months ago I was ‘just’ a self-employed PT and dietitian, still trying to find out what I wanted to do with my life. I had studied for 5 years nutrition and sports (and for the most of the time I did enjoy it,- kind of), but always felt that something was missing, something wasn’t right.


I was very interested in computers, design, and web design, but the most I could code was a sorry little windows for of hello world from a copy and paste tutorial, and that did take me quite a while to put together nonetheless. Fast-forward to August, and school starts. I am loving it from the start, and every day I come to school excited and more passionate than I have ever been about something ever before. The days are long, but I do not notice. It is hard, but I do not notice. I learn a lot, but eager to learn more I do not notice. Until today. I looked at the CRM programme me and my group did only after 8 weeks of school, a REAL programme that REALLY works. And three weeks later, after only three days with WPF I build an educational tool in just a few days. 12 weeks ago I couldn’t code anything. Nothing. Can you imagine what I can do in a month? In a year? In two years? Before I couldn’t, but now I can. And on Saturday I hope this little pdf can help other students imagine their future as a developer as well. And if they do, then this is by far the best school. Hope to inspire!

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