Nov 142011
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A friend of mine, Nima, recommended sportlife exclusive – an ‘exclusive’ gym. In Denmark and Asutralia those kind of clubs are very popular, and are branded as lifestyle clubs, with spa’s, restaurants and relax-areas (massage and so on). With exercise being such a big part of my life I’ve never had any second thoughts about spending some extra money on a lifestyle club. So I was very excited to try out this gym, the closest I’ve gotten to an exclusive gym here in Gothenburg was a gym called Nordic Wellness where I worked as a Personal trainer, but the club didn’t go to well, they lowered their prices and memberships continued to decline. One day when I came to work the gym was gone, and I hadn’t even been notified 😛 . Anyways! Tried out sportlife exclusive and I really liked it, superfresh- nice people and well-maintained. I’m going to give this gym a go for a couple of weeks and I’ll let you know 🙂

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