Nov 232011
 November 23, 2011  Posted by at 10:35 am Uncategorized

Started of the morning with a plyometrics workout, provided what I consider one of the most inspirational home-workouts websites, I reckon you should give this a go, it takes only twelve minutes and it sure wakes up your body!

I didn’t feel to well, I feel sick, so I couldn’t go all in, but here are my scores nonetheless:

1. Speed Skater Squats with the Sandbag – 33, 26, 26

2. Reverse 1 Leg Pull up with the Dip station – 24, 20, 14

3. 3 Pike Presses and 5 Ski Jumps over the sandbag – 5, 4, 4

4. Ugi Star Planks – 17, 11, 12

I’m going to the gym as well after school and work- provided I feel better.

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