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Conversation with me, that new year


It has been an interesting year don’t you think? I ask me

Absolutely, it has been a crazy one – I totally agree.

Felt this incredible happiness on so many days,

Felt giggly, happy and content in so many ways.

But on some days I felt grief and was unbelievable sad

And at the time it always felt like the worst day I had ever had.


I have to ask myself: Did you ever fell nothing at all?

I think for a moment, then answer with a smile: Not as I recall.

Every single day had an emotion some big, some small

But they all made me feel stronger, made me stand tall


I did keep my promise for the year and started believing that I can

I removed my limitations and fears and made a plan

Took the chance on a different direction

Had more conversations like this for reflection

I became aware that I was breathing, that I, you, me, I am alive

I saw the world as an ocean full of possibilities and took a big dive


I have to ask – didn’t this sometimes cause you pain?

Oh dear, I answer, sometimes it felt like I was totally messing with my brain

The ocean seemed so big on some days I was desperately looking for the drain.

But at the same time I was so full of life, oh- it’s hard to explain.


And your promises for this year? I am going to be more kind,

Of course to those around me, but also very important: to my heart and mind

Because I pretty much figured out by now that whenever I get sad,

That no, it will never be the worst day I have ever had.

And that everyday feeling, loving and living as you want is a day worth to keep,

All mountains are climbable you just have to believe in you and take that leap.

There is a whole lot of living going on in my heart,

I promise you it’s quite a party, and as beautiful as fine art


So thank you for the conversation, no thank you I say

Happy new year to me and have a fantastic number one day!

I’ve got some grand plans and I am totally ready to play,

Just aimed for the stars and it’s up-up and away!

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