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Well, we are one week into our exam period and needless to say, I am spending a lot of time in front of the computer.
The exam is to program a web-based ‘Cooperation platform’ (individuall exam)
Our teachers wants the following:
“The portal should be able possible to register new users. A user becomes active only after an administrator has enabled the persons account.
As a member, I can add other members as colleagues.
It should be possible to put together groups and invite users to become a member of a group.

I should be able to chat in “real time”. Of course everything is done with AJAX.
It should be possible to initiate a chat with colleagues or within a group, and those only.

There should be a discussion forum. When starting a new discussion topic should be able to choose to leave it open to all members, or just certain groups.

It should be possible to upload files. The files will then be shared with either a specific colleague, several or all of our colleagues, groups or all members. Users should be notified via AJAX on how progress is progressing on upload.

Linked to each uploaded file should be possible to discuss the file.

Of course, keep all the information in a well-normalized database with appropriate indexes configured. Stored Procedures and User Defined Functions are to be used.

As for code and architecture, good practice is expected.”

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