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Want to give windows 8 a real go but you dont have a touch screen? I’ve been using windows 8 for a few months now and I am currently working on a couple of Metro apps. As you probably know it is a requirement that Metro apps are touch friendly, and therefore you have to test this as a developer if you would like to get your app approevd for Windows store. But how to test? I have been using my iPad2 to test both Windows 8 RP, Visual Sudio 2012  and the fun Metro apps I have been working on. In case you are wondering how, I’ll let you in on my secret 🙂

Windows 8 RP on my computer and on my iPad

I am using an iPad app called Splashtop and installed the Splashtop Streamer app on my computer. I used WMware and installed a virtual computer running on Windows 8 RP. I also installed the latest version of VS, Visual Studio 2012RC  and other fun stuff I needed for my development environment.

Visual Studio 2012 RC on my computer and iPad

Programming in Visual Studio 2012RC on my iPad

Once my development/lab environment was set up, I just started the Splashtop app, made sure I was on the same network, and allowed it to scan and find my computer. In just a few seconds I was free to test Windows 8 RP, VS2012RC, metro apps and so on with full touch functionality.

Full touch functionality, win8 on iPad using Splashtop

Pretty cool stuff! Nice party trick too hehe 😀 “Have you tried Windows 8?” “yes” “No, have you REALLY tried windows 8” – and then I pull out my iPad 😉


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