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Designing UX for metro apps

Keen on learning more about Windows 8 apps? I know I am! So I signed up for the Virtual training on thursday, a 9 hour long online training aimed for desigenrs or developers that have to do the design themselves (like me). The deisgn of the app is very important to get an app approved for Windows store, so unless you have a dedicated desigenr for the UX role, then you probably should book yourslef in as well. See you on thursday!

By the way, make sure that you notice the time, it starts at 9OST, which is for me 17:50 swedish time – so yeah, it is going to be a long, but very fun, night.

Sign up here for the virtual training

Have a look at UX design guidelines

The goal of the training is to give designers a solid baseline understanding of how to design great Windows 8 apps that leverage the full extent of the platform and adhere to the UX guidelines for apps. After this training, attendees will understand the tenants of a great app, how to think about information architecture, best practices for designing flexible layouts, touch, how to leverage contracts in the platform, and much more.

Free Virtual Training with Microsoft on thursday: Windows 8 UX Fundamentals for Metro apps

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