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As you might have noticed I like Windows8 and Metro so I have been working on an idea I have for a Metro App. Next week lucky me gets to go to Microsoft’s office in Kista (Stockholm, Sweden) to attend a  App Excellence Lab, where I will get one-on-one feedback on my app. That is so cool! 😀 I might glue myself stuck to the first desk I see in there so they will have to hire me haha 😀 Just kidding, loving Microsoft and all- but i am very happy working at DotNet Mentor. But yeah, pretty darn cool to get this opportunity!

But I am also terrified. I was fine until I came across a checklist yesterday. The checklist that will be used to evaluate my app, and it’s longer than my first letter to Santa when I was 5. And I am Santa in this case, I have to deliver all this. Right now I feel  more like hiding on the north pole.

Wanna get a token to Windows Store? Well, here are the requirements.

What I want, what my goal is, is to first of all maybe impress a little and then second to get a step closer to get a token to Windows Store – so I can be one of the first developers to get an app out in the store. That would be the coolest thing ever! Can you imagine? Little me, wrote my first line of code less than a year ago. A freakin’ dietitian and PT.  If I can do it, then anybody can.
And even if it doesn’t go as planned, I still get quite a special experience, AND I get to meet more people that are just as passionate about programming as I am. And that gives me energy, hope and inspiration. Sounds good, right? I’ll probably cry a little first before going all happy-happy, so don’t worry,- I get upset like everybody else when I fail at something.  But oh my!- am I going to have so much  fun. Right now I’ll have to admit my app does not look any good, I’ve been working on it 8am to 11pm, and will do so until Thursday next week when the lab is. I’ll let you know how I go!

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