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Google I/O 2012 conference

Google I/O 2012 conference

On wednesday Google I/O 2012 conference starts, and although I wont be in San Francisco for the massive event I will be following the sessions live here.And according to Google : “All sessions will also be recorded and available on the site within 24 hours”

Sessions I would like to attend:
Day 1:

  • Breaking the JavaScript Speed Limit with V8
  • SQL vs NoSQL: Battle of the Backends (will see it at the same time as nthe Dart session)
  • Dart – A Modern Web Language
  • Putting the App Back into Web App – Web Programming with Dart
  • Not Just a Map (will se it later)
  • Better Web App Development Through Tooling


  •  Fast UIs for the Cross-Device Web
  •  Building Web Applications that use Google APIs and the JavaScript Client for Google APIs
  •  Chrome Developer Tools Evolution
  •  Jank Busters: Building Performant Web Apps (maybe…)
  •  New Web Tools and Advanced CSS/HTML5 Features from Adobe & Google (especially intererested in ‘Brackets’)

Day 3

  • Android Design for Success (I want to compare the Android guidelines to Metro guidelines- session is early so I’ll have to veiw it later)
  • High Performance HTML5
  • Navigation in Android
  • The History and Future of Google Web Toolkit
  • Writing Secure Web Apps and Chrome Extensions
  • Security and Privacy in Android Apps
  • Knowledge-Based Application Design Patterns

I’ll write a blog post about the sessions I attend later this week, as well as Sommarkollo, a free 3-day seminar that will run at the same time here in Gothenburg. A busy week for me!- as always 😉

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