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Well, no more excuses!- The uppgrade to Windows 8 will be available for the tiny amount $39.99

Windows 8 pro uppgrade for just $39.99

This fine blogpost explains how you can uppgrade – but be aware that this is in october, NOT NOW, and there is some fine print. I got a comment on facebook that people were wondering were to purchase, and I’m sorry,- I made the assumption that people knew Win8 will most likely be released in October.
So, you CAN NOT purchase Windows 8 – this release will become available in October (I believe). The beta is out there , and I recommend you try it. AS for the $39.99 offer, is if you have an “underlying license for either Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7” (hence the ‘uppgrade’).


  One Response to “Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $39.99? Better read the fineprint!”

  1. Does the upgrade requirement mean you have to have a copy of XP, Vista or 7 running at the time you insert the disk? Because if thats the case then that is the usual upgrade licensing requirement MS usually use.

    Also I’m pretty sure the upgrade disks are just full versions of Windows and you can use them like a normal disk despite the upgrade requirement.

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