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So, just went out with my husband (and yes he has a blog too, he is just as passionate about what he does, Systems Management, as I am about programming) and bought a new server. Thankfully he knows more about hardware than I do (but he knows nothing about programming, poor thing haha), so he picked out the pieces more or less. Been getting questions about the specs, and I think it’s awesome that people are interested and are keen on giving advice/feedback. Here are the components we bought today:

Samsung SSD 830 series SATA 6Gb/s 256 GB


Intell core i5 Ivy bridge i5-3450


Asus p8z77-v LK


[To ugly to show picture]
20 GB DDR3 1600 Mhz


Antec chassi
[Re-using an old chassi, it was good when we bought it a few years ago, let’s see if it’ll do ;)]

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  1. How can you qualify an i5 as server chip !!! next you will talk about atom servers. think qualifying it as workstation is closest i’d recommend 🙂

    • LOL – this isn’t a server..
      -no ECC Memory
      -desktop components
      -desktop CPU
      -desktop SSD ( Never ever use a single – and than – desktop drive in a 24/7 system.
      It’s a server:
      -run server services…
      And I even would call the ASUS a router..
      Srsly you look like a good developer – but network infrastructure isn’t a thing you’re good at.

      • Hi,
        I did mention in the post that network infrastrukture is not my ‘thing’ 🙂

        I am a developer 🙂

        Maybe I should make Question 31 What is a server? I’m sure people would have quite different definitions.

        You seem like you know a bit about this, so what is a server- what would you consider to be a server?

        (in this case we use this ‘as a server’ , but now a server-server per se´. We just wanted to get a server up and running with components we can reuse later)

  2. Good idea it’s quite hard to explain what a server is – cause there are many point of views.
    Some say server services are all – hardware and infrastructure doesn’t matters at all, other says server services are reliable services and have to be bundled with reliable hardware.

    I think you should do question 40 or 50 with this – cause this isn’t a easy question.
    I think this one of the difficult questions.

    Btw. about the “desktop” SSD, if you really use it as a server with load ( usually server have only memory load but no CPU / disk ). I would get instantly a second SSD and build a RAID1 at least.

    My experiences with SSD under load is that a SSD lives from 2 weeks to 7 months before dieing.
    Actually my kill rate from the last 2 1/2 years are 7/SSDs a year ( I only have 7running in total here.. so each SSD get’s replaces at least once a year )

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