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I’ve noticed that if you do any type of work that includes a computer friends and family will declare you as their own personal IT-helpdesk/support. The other day a person asked me,

“So you are a … what did you call it again?” It sounds like I have a really weird job

“A developer, same as a programmer” He looks like a questionmark

“Ah.. IT!” He says enthusiastic

“No, not really” I notice he ignores the answer

“Maybe you can help me then?” He says extremly happy

“With what?” Uh no I think

“Which internet provider should I choose?”

Sometimes IT-support goes somewhat like this: Medival IT-support – Norwegian sketch with English (and Norwegian) subtitles

And sometimes something like this IT-Crowd (my favorite moment)

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  1. so funny! your description on how ppl think of us is precise. sometimes the interaction is like reading a story to a dog. he looks at you and seems interested but then he goes on with his business.

  2. I like explaining the difference between a programmer and an IT support person as the difference between a novelist and a guy who runs a printing press.

  3. The video of Medival IT-support was really funny.

  4. I got rid of the regular requests for IT support by family and friends after moving 1000 kilometers away. Not that this was my main motivation for moving, but I have to admit it is a welcome side-effect.

  5. lol This is so true! I can’t tell anyone what I do for a living because if they know it’s “computer-related”, suddenly they want you to come over and fix their modem and dot-matrix printer issues!! LOL

  6. I get less of these private IT things these days. When they say “Can you help me with…”, I say “Sure, I charge £50 per hour consultancy plus VAT. Shall I draw up a contract?”.

    • requests also started decreasing in number when i started asking payment for my work. though some people feel comfortable to have someone to know they can call someone. nothing wrong with it as long as they pay for it. 🙂

  7. Funny stuff! On the same topic,I ran across this blog post the other day which is my life in a nutshell (as a developer, not just TGWIGWC.)

    Keep up the good work! Your blog has become one of my favorites to read, especially since it answers my “Stupid Questions,” both the ones I’ve already asked and the ones I’ve been afraid to ask. Bravo!

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