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Iris Classon preview DevReach 2012

From my DevReach 2012 preview video, told you I was happy 😛

For the last few weeks I’ve been working hard at my DevReach session. It’s my very first time speaking at a developer conference and I am nervous, giddy and super-duper excited! Some of you might have seen my Friday tweet, I am looking for devs, junior devs, senior devs, XAML experience, no XAML experience, that would love to have a look at one of my recorder rehearsal sessions. I’ve done two live ones, one for a local college and one for the developers at Dotnet Mentor (I work there as a software developer when not working for Telerik, they have to share me 🙂 ).
It’s a unique session I would like to believe, and I hope that adds to the curiosity, and just to give a little peek to the session I’ve added some images here from the last recorded session

If you want to preview the session and give me some feedback, DM me on Twitter, FB or send me an email / add a comment to this post.

Iris Classon preparing for her DevReach2012 session

I get a bit giddy in front of people so expect a lot of laughter and smiles. I'm one happy presenter 😀

Iris Classon preparing for her DevReach 2012 session

Say it out loud!

Iris Classon preparing for her DevReach 2012 session

Yes, I am literally bringing three friends!

Iris Classon Preparing for her DevReach 2012 session

And yes there will be code, lots of code! (And I'll use the light theme in VS)

Iris Classon Preparing for her DevReach 2012 session

Sure hope I am 🙂

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  1. Would you be interested in sharing the preview with yet another random netizen that likes everything XAML?

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