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No stupid question today as I’m at DevReach will be offline for the whole conference. I would like to share some pictures from awesome conference, I had such a great time,- and can’t wait to meet all my new, and old, friends again 🙂

DevReach 2012 Day 2 here
DevReach 2012 Day 3 here

DevReach2012 pictures

Keynote by Martin and Stephen

DevReach 2012 pictures

The Romanians on the front row

DevReach 2012 pictures

My fellow evangelist Jesse Liberte talks Win8 and XAML

DevReach 2012 pictures

Meeting old friends, it's nice to meet black-belt Robert again 🙂

DevReach 2012 pictures

The speakers eat lunch- the food is slow fast food LOL

DevReach 2012 pictures

Miguel crashes Beth's session with a loud pizza delivery, I and a few other speakers giggle in the background

DevReach 2012 Pictures Iris Classon

My session goes really well, I have a blast - and got my cheerleading squad on the first row <3

DevReach 2012 Pluralsight Pictures

Of course I had to say hi to Aaron nr 2 from Pluralsight at the booth 🙂

DevReach 2012 Pictures

Group picture! Jon Flanders, Steve Smith, Iris Classon, Miguel Castro and Phil Japikse

DevReach 2012 Pictures

Speakers dinner - the cool table 😉

DevReach 2012 Pictures

Speakers dinner, can't complain about the food 🙂

DevReach 2012

Late night drinks, just chillin'

DevReach 2012 Pictures

Steve, me, and some Norwegian guy that that attended the conference

  4 Responses to “DevReach 2012 Day 1 of 3”

  1. […] DevReach 2012 Day 1 here DevReach 2012 Day 3 here […]

  2. Is that Beth Massi in the “Late night drinks, just chillin'” photo?

  3. Can’t believe I don’t have a picture with you. We do have a video though :))

  4. Iris where is that restorant in Sofia ? I want to go there and check the BBQ ?
    BTW I am in love in your hair 😉

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