Nov 102012
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Here are all the posts that I had to publish later since I’ve been away at a conference. Blog post about the conference and how my session went will be published later, probably tomorrow, got to spend some time with the familiy- plus I have code to write 😀 😀

Curious? - here are some questions

Curious? - here are some questions

Stupid Question 74: What is two-factor authentication?

Stupid Question 75 (Öredev conference special): Are all pairs good in RE to knowledge level in pair programming?

Stupid Question 76 (Öredev conference special): Are there any guidelines for junior developer pair-programming?

Stupid Question 77 (Öredev conference special): What are the main struggles of junior developers in their first dev job?

Stupid Question 78 (Öredev conference special): Does it matter that we don’t have so many female programmers?

Stupid Question 79 (Öredev conference special): What are the top ten things I learned from talking to over 100 junior developers?

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