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What exactly is WinRT?

What exactly is WinRT?

Still confused about WinRT?

Today I came across one of the best articles I’ve read on WinRT, a very well written in-depth article that explains the story, the details and the discussion. I recommend everybody to read this! The article is written by Peter Bright (Twitter @drpizza) and is 7 pages long, and as several commented, it really should be available as a PDF and Kindle version as well- that’s how good it is. I read through it rather fast as I’m fairly busy this week, but it does seem to be very accurate and the comments seem to confirm that. You read some weird stuff sometimes when people attempt at explaining WinRT (that’s why I leave in-depth explaining to those that really understand it 😉 ).

Set aside some time and have a read!

Turning to the past to power Windows’ future: An in-depth look at WinRT

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