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A part of Chalmers university

A part of Chalmers university

Chalmers-University-of-Technology-Sweden-Iris-ClassonI’m holding a lecture on Windows Store App development at Chalmers University tomorrow at 4PM (aprox 1.5 h), with a workshop afterwards (aprox 3 h). Both are free for all students- and honestly they wont kick you out if you aren’t a student 😉 There will be food and drinks there as well (also free), and you can come to both the lecture and the workshop, or just one of them. I’ve been preparing a really fun and inspiring lecture that I hope will be liked, with a relaxed workshop with a few surprises 😀 Hope I don’t forget to bring my touch screen PC, and old Samsung I’m boring from Chris Sells- its a bit slow, but it’s still pretty cool to see Windows 8 ‘in Action’.

There is a Facebook event and it’s in Swedish and also here, but both the lecture and the workshop will be in English. I’m planning on recording at least the lecture, but it depends on permissions etc.- but I’ll make sure to share the slides at least on Slideshare and on the blog.

I’m very excited about this, and hope many can come!

Event details:

Pizza .Net
Chalmers University Lindholmen
House Patricia, 4th floor (same as the library)
April 18th 4PM (lecture) , 5:30 PM (workshop)

Lecture and workshop at Chalmers University Iris Classon

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