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I’ve been quiet for a few days, almost a whole week- very unlike me isn’t it? I’ve been quiet because I’ve had to plan and prepare a big project I have the next few months. I’m making a documentary! Here is the thing, I’ve always loved indie and amateur documentaries and movies. And those that know me well know I’ve made amateur movies since I was young, but I haven’t done any in quite a few years. I just haven’t been inspired.

Preview: Filming a documentary Binarity Report this summer

Preview: Filming a documentary Binarity Report this summer

This summer marks the end of the second year of madness, and the continuation of it, my journey as a developer. And I am going to do a whole lot of traveling.

I’ll be going to:

Stockholm (Sweden) – MEET workshop/meetup, DevSum conference

Oslo (Norway), Norwegian developer conference

UK User group tour in to the following places, plus a large event at the Telerik office:

  • Bristol 17th
  • Cheltenham 18th
  • London 19th + Telerik event during the day
  • Southampton 20th
  • London 24th


  • BUILD in San Francisco
  • Phoenix
  • Miami
  • New York
  • + more

Preview: Filming a documentary Binarity Report this summer

Since I’m so lucky and get to go to all these cool events, and meet so many brilliant minds I’ve decided to make a documentary about the world of IT – developers and IT-Pro’s. I’ll be recording at the various events, do interviews and share my thoughts and the journey. My goal is to share this amazing world and this community with the rest of the world, and hopefully do something about the prejudice and stereotypes that exist, and most important I hope to get devs and IT-Pro’s that have lost their passion to get passionate about what they do again.

Make sure you tweet to me or email me if you live in the places I’m visiting, I – and my equally nerdy and crazy husband- want to meet up with as many as possible and just have a blast! Please ask questions, send suggestions and feedback- so I can make this a good documentary 🙂

  4 Responses to “Preview: Filming a documentary Binarity Report this summer”

  1. Cool! What month are you in the UK?

  2. USA, and San Francisco in particular, have some really famous hackerspaces such as Noisebridge. Would be really cool if you would be able to visit them.
    I realize it might be slightly out of scope of looking at the life of professional developers but I think it could most definitely serve to re-ignite that passion 🙂

  3. I’ve worked out that we’re talking from other info I can find, but where in London and what time? My girlfriend and I are both developers and would love to meet you guys.

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