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I’ve almost had a full week with the Das now, and what a difference. I’m still slower than I was with the keyboard with prints on it, but I’ve doubled my speed from the first day, and what is more important is that my error rate is lower. Since I look at the screen instead of down I see errors faster and correct them, instead of first seeing them later.



Awesome! Today I was so tired, with all the conference sessions coming up, wrapping up one project and starting a new one I’ve had little to no time to sleep. SO when I did the typing test today without warming up I was so sure that I would get a bad result, but I scored an average of 34.66 which is 5 words more per minute than yesterday, wow! If I keep up the pace growing I should be back up on 60 with a couple of more weeks.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, the Das looks very nice.

    I remeber when I decided to improve my typing, at the time I was using 5-6 fingers max and there was this collegue, she was not a developing nor doing particularly typing-intensive tasks, relatively a newbie to the PC world, but she was fast, she never looked at the keyboard and she was using all fingers, all keys, like nothing, I was impressed! (and little bit ashamed too)

    So I decided to follow this course to improve, as soon as I finished I never looked at the keyboard anymore., just for some complicate key combos (I don’t have any affiliation with the website)

  2. So, did it work out after a week? Was it better with a blank keyboard? 😉

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